What’s Google Product Listing Ads?

According to the official Adwords blog site, Google PLA is live for 8 new countries including Turkey. http://adwords.blogspot.com/2013/11/google-shopping-now-available-in-8-new.html)

From now on, Product Listing Ads will perform more often than it before. These ads appears when queries typed with related to e-commerce products. It basically brings a new dimension to e-commerce.

Google Product Listing Ads - Ürün Listeleme Reklamları

Mizu, Lidyana ads SanalPazar PLA examples

Why Google PLA -Product Listing Ads- ?

As you see above, Turkish companies rapidly integrated new product of Google such as Mizu, Lidyana and SanalPazar. Google PLA offers many rather than traditional Google Search ads.

  • Product image,
  • Product price,
  • Merchant name and attributes
Tradisyonel adwords reklamları
Traditional AdWords ads of n11 and Lidyana 

It is better to call classic AdWords ads as traditional ads, until find a better name :). As you can see above, they seem so basic and simple. Thus, Google PLA‘s one of the crucial benefit is competitive advantage. The feature also finds a great solution to an important problem. Benchmarking is very common behaviour in e-commerce as well online retail. With the feature of PLA, you will let potential customers to benchamark at Google SERP. You never know that they will land your page or not. It is nice to see same or similar products in one search result page with their price, merchant and availability

Google Merchant Center, Shopping, PLA and Commerce..

You should meet with Google Merchant first. It is an important subject for deeply discussed. I will be keep posting more often on. Let’s get started with few definitions:

Google Merchant Center: Here is the database of all information about your products. You can easily update the feed, change and update it. Logs will help you to understand the situation of your product. How healthy is it? It is available in Turkey

Google Shopping:

Google search results, you can quickly and easily be able to find customers that product. Can be accessed here: http://www.google.com/shopping. Currently, the product is not active in Turkey. One who loves to play with filters, this product work really well ! If you just take a quick look to product, you will feel 😉

Google Product Listing Ads: Product is live in 22 countries including Turkey, as you see the above screenshots. Google PLA will be more frequent than before in Turkish market.

Google Commerce: This is the newest product in Google Merchant services. It is active in 9 countries (such as USA, France, UK). This product allows administrators to customize their search engines in various ways, with features including synonyms, advanced spelling, and targeted promotions within search. That’s how Google defines the product.

You can easily promote your service by linking the products each other.

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