What’s AdWords Scripts

Lessons in computer programming was adopted by the national curriculum for primary schools in Estonia last year. Coding is one of the important key knowledge for anyone at any level. Now, it might be your turn to meet with JavaScripts. Codeacademy is one of the great website to learn it easy and full with great examples.


You can easily reach through the AdWords interface. On the left side of menu, you will easily find Bulk Operations > Scripts . Digital campaign management and creation tools can not be affordable especially for small size comapanies. ( Adlens , Marin Software or Ignition One both are great tools. AdWords scripts can provide an in-house solutions. Literally, it covers your management tool need while keeping your budget without damage. I really believe that AdWords scripts means that 5-10 free employees for your SEM team.

You can easily make the items below with the knowledge of basic JavaScript.

  • You can create your own bidding algorithm. All you need is to set some rules.
  • Reports can be more improved and customized that you never can make at UI.
  • External data can be used (Google Docs, receive information from URLs, email content)
  • Wİth AdParams, you don’t need to wait ad approval progress anymore. Dynamic data will change your ad texts without pending.

AdWords Scripts Examples

There are endless things you can do. Bidding is perhaps one of the more time-consuming issues need to be fixed at first.

AdWords Scripts Hava Durumu

You can set the bids according to looking back 7 days data, the keywords converted and higher CTR level 1.5. Thus, you can bid all the keywords that performs like defined previous sentences at the ad position of 2.0. Basically, all the bid system can be automated based on your rule definitions.

  • Weather Changes. Umbrella and raincoat sales are increasing while it is rainy. Ski equipments are more demanded at winter time. These simple insights may lead high manual works in terms of changing bids and ad texts. Don’t worry ! AdWords scripts will help you.
  • If you find your lower average representation of your word position or let it go with a certain average “AdWords Scripts” will help you again if you want.
  • Sale Countdown updates the ad parameters of all keywords according to how hours or/and days remain until the target date.

Our talented colleague Russell Savage shares great free AdWords Scripts samples on his website http://www.freeadwordsscripts.com

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