Turkish fashion e-commerce is changing

In spite of fluctuations in textile industry, fashion e-commerce companies -mostly flash sale fashion startups- were leading companies in great eMarkafoni SEO-commerce rising of Turkey. Nowadays, the growth of flash-sale e-commerce started to slow down. High competition, decreased availability of product and thread of suppliers had incremental effect on the industry. Great textile companies and well-known brands have been started their online shop recently. There will be more player soon such as Zara Turkey online store and LCWaikiki increase its focus on online channels.

Changing in Turkish Fashion Flash Sale Market

  • Revenue growth continues to fall slowly. The researcher says that USA and UK similar behavior a while ago. Recently, aBISWorld has predicted that flash sale sites will see revenue. (please see: growth next year of 12.4%, down from 26.3% last year).*
  • Manufacturers and brands enter to online retail market which makes more competitive environment and limited supply for recent e-fashion players. Turkey’s largest textile and fashion manufacturers are expanding their e-commerce channel, specifically Boyner. This expansion is not just in employment or technical infrastructure. It is more strategic actions. Thus, these situations make more pressure on flash sales e-commerce companies which has no stores and manufacturing capability.
  • Luxury brands are pissed off. ‘Sale’ and ‘cleareance’ discount messages are became quite sensitive by brands. It simply causes to cancellation of many agreements.

Aslanoba’s investments are not accidentally made

aslanoba capital

Aslanoba fashion e-commerce are investments such as Alwaysfashion -is Turkey’s first luxury e-commerce store-, Modacruz -Modacruz is a fun and social marketplace where women buy and sell their pre-loved luxury fashion items and Modanisa – is the world’s leading online fashion retailer for Muslim women.

Aslanoba Capital, joined more recent than other well-known venture capitalists. So, it will be more meaningful to observe Aslanoba activities as recent player. The firm strategically choose niche fashion market while investing simply because profitability and growth are top metrics of the venture capital company. Thus my expectation is Turkish fashion e-commerce will be shaped by niche markets as USA and UK experienced.


Boyner is coming back

Boyner is at its 40s with great experience and known for its textile offerings for women, men, teenagers and children. Company has almost 100 stores with sub-brands, pricing power and owns well known brands. With integrated activities of the company, have successful numbers in online channels. Omni-channel is one of the important factor in this whole process. Moreover, company even has Omnichannel Retail & Technology Director at Boyner Holding position which is quite pioneer phenomenon for turkish online retail though. We will keep observe company’s activities more and more next years.

Success Story from Anatolia: Tozlu Giyim

tozlu giyim fiyatlari cazip

Tozlu giyim fiyatları her zaman rekabetçi tutuyor. Hem modaya uygun ürünler çıkartıyor, hem rekabetçi fiyat rakipleri üzerinde baskı yaratıyor.

Apart from Istanbul located fashion e-retailers, there is a great success case story in Samsun. The company is manufacturer also have variety of stores in Black Sea and center cities of the country. Tozlu giyim benefit a lot from manufacturer power which let them give more competitive price advantage than competitors especially those flash sale fashion e-commerce sites. Tozlu giyim’s financial power and flexibility on production also affects e-fashion market in next years.

The future of private shopping clubs

Not only the future of private shopping clubs but also daily deal websites will be decreasing which was similarly happened in USA. So, what’s next than ?

  • Will become more niche. Oversized, luxury, marketplace, child, handmade categories will be expanded.
  • More personalized solutions will be designed. With high customized web solutions via CRM technologies, companies will be more differentiated than other retailers.
  • Private label is still survival factor for many fashion e-retailers. It is both beneficial for financial parameters and also resistance against manufacture pressure.

In short

Gilt is one of the greatest example for fashion e-retailer companies. Main strategy of company is focusing on more customized services and also empower private label product lines. For example, Gilt knows your shoe size, shirt you like and so on forth. They produce, use marketing tools accordingly. We will see similar activities soon in Turkish online fashion shopping sites.

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