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It has been a year and half that I have been working for Trendyol. It is pretty enough time “being” in our company as well as industry standards. I love my job like being a workaholic, there is no need to say if you met me. But, I keep asking myself why I keep working in Trendyol still? The answer is a bit complicated. With this blog post, we will try to figure out the right answer and make an quick tour with new Trendyol office.

Why you love the job that you are working for?

You may love what you are doing or many other reasons such as your colleagues, salary, basic amenities, location of work, career opportunities, brand image of the company. Sometimes, you would like to characterize the company, behave as it’s your friend. I don’t know why I love Trendyol.. For my friends, or as it like saying “people like managers not companies” Whatever… Today we will try to find some reasons why employees work longer while discovering Trendyol office.


trendyol office istanbul

Marketing has maybe the best spot in the office. My reading light came from my home to work. I like to turn on at evening workings.

Trendyol working environment

Trendyol Marketing Görkem ÜNEL

It is amazing to present company orientation. Every month, new employed people has to attend company orientation.

Working hours, at Trendyol headquarter is between 08:30am to 06.00pm.  New office has basic amenities such as cafeteria, games room (hopefully soon will be available), great numbers of meeting rooms, a seminar room, a doctor office and it is located at heart of Istanbul offices, Maslak province. Happy Hours are not regular but we do, who doesn’t like them huh? People who are first comer to Trendyol office got a breathtaking reaction. Nobody expect such a big business behind a dot com e-commerce site in Turkey. It also provides how digital industry become a tremendous thing in Turkey. So far up to 700 employees are working at Trendyol including warehouse. Trendyol Maslak Office is called: “Trendyol City”Trendyol Talks is the social event that brings an industry professional every month to Trendyol office. Moreover, all employees have %20 discount on Modagram and Trendyol products either online or offline sales. Employee discount makes happier not just the employee, his mom and girlfriend as well. In addition, “Only for Employee Boutiques” are even better than employee discount. Employees can purchase many shoes at the period of promotion.

My Trendyol

Trendyol Business Card

I’m still working as Trendyol Online Marketing Manager

After Dogan Online and Rocket Internet GmbH experiences, I’m keep doing almost same job routines . I’m still at advertiser side and working on performance marketing. However, my business cards were changed 3 times in a year. I had couple of case studies and many successful cases at Trendyol. In addition, I had a chance to attend some HR projects that creates value added benefits. My project is “motivation and internal communication”. We are working closely with Hande (HR Manager). Trying to create company identity together. We emphasize these activities because it is the motivational thing that increases loyalty. Trendyol Company Orientation, is one of the best tool leads to adapt new employees with the company. I’m the one presents marketing part of the orientation. Trendyol Buddy is also another great point, basically HR assigns one experienced employee to the new one in order to discover around. Marketing is really fun but there are also other departments such as IT, Finance, Customer Service, Operation, Studio and Warehouse located at Asian side. I would like to mention about founder Demet as well. She had a great success in short time. She was born at 80s in New York and work with a such nice boss is a “real” luck. There are some hard parts as well. But, I really would like to mention about her husband, another shareholder of the company, Evren Üçok. He is a very unique person that you can ever met. I know there are some people on earth, but never met any. There are a lot of legendaries about him. Turkey Chess Tournament Winner, honor degrees from the schools are the some of the real ones. Once he told me he can make a mind calculation of 3digits 2 numbers even after 2 bottle of beers. There is a funny anecdote: Our collegue went his room for a meeting and give the relevant print outs. Evren just noticed by hand weighing the papers, and said “missing”. The guy denies but sooner they figure out that 6th paper was missing. No comment.. He is pretty smart and nice to have him to chat on marketing stuff.

Trendyol Marketing Team

Trendyol Modagram Marketing Manager

There is more than 30 A4 print-outs on the wall of marketing. Nobody complained yet. I mean they could do.. New painted walls are made my works but so far so good.

Marketing is the one of the important department of an e-commerce company. Especially, if the department is holding both sales and marketing. Simply because, the dept provides efficient, relevant visitors withholding great cost and let them to land to the website. All the performance marketing activities are made in-house. Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization and Advertising, Emailing, Media Buying and Affiliate are major channels. In-house marketing provides you better flexibility as well better control on your budget and performance. Özge’s smiley face, Seyma’s food, Kıvanc’s friendly conversation and Ayhan’s jokes makes everything better. At this point, “longlife of a work” becomes more meaningful and you can basically understand why a person would like to work longer.

Algorithm of Happy Employee

What we mentioned so far? Success stories was made within the team, strong communication with team and fun environment. Career opportunities, global events,  industry professionals (trendyoltalk) share their experiences. Establish better relations with management.HR events, social activies, employee discounts, colorful office environment. We did not talk about the financial possibilities. At the end of the day, all we are working for money. But, it is out of topic. Thus, there are the criterias how you can have happy employee: Team communication and cooperation 27% Career development and training opportunities 20% Let people more space to do what they like 18% Social activities, company brand image 12% Great relations with upper management and other department managers 10% Colorful, youth, modern designed and located heart of the city center 9% Having success stories at your business, and to be appreciated 7% If you made a sum already and find a %3 differences, you can be Evren mind set up as well 🙂 Just kidding, enjoy it !

Trendyol Harlem Shake Video

This video was made by Marketing Team. Kemal is the oldest guy in the team. The “big bro Kemal”. I requested, he became even more motivated than me. It was easy to be organized. We were one of the first movers that doing “harlem shake video”. We laughed a lot. Kemal was the one with blue shirt and I was the one on top of the table dancing with mannequin, Selcuk was the pink one and Levent was the one dancing with the hand of the mannequin.

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