Retargeting Scenario for Tourism Industry

Retargeting Strategies for Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Those who are conducting marketing activities of a hotel,  you would like to catch up potential customers weren’t converted (left without purchasing)

As all you know, there is a high competition in hospitality which each visitors of your website has a significant cost. Thus, retargeting became more crucial and cost efficient model for your customer acquisition model.

Example: Rixos Belek is a hotel located in Belek, Antalya.

First of all, Rixos should define its  online marketing strategy than segment its visitors according to expected behaviour of them.
Group 1:
Visitors who visited Rixos Belek Hotel’s page and also check some details such as plant facilities, rooms, location information etc. However, visitors didn’t touch reservation page yet or purchase a room yet.
Group 2:
Visited the Rixos Belek Hotel’s reservation page. Visited some steps of reservation process but didn’t send the form or did not purchase anything yet.
Group 3:
Already booked and converted via your website. It also means that he trusted and already buyer, thus he will book again in future. It is always better to keep that cookie apart from anyother group.

More Advance Strategy for Rixos Premium Belek Retargeting

Clearly showed a significantly higher cost to turn into 2.gruba Group 1 (high-CPA) will be. This group messages have to give more attractive to obtain the ad texts, still unconvinced of a segment.

1st group, Group 2 is related to the relatively few benchmarks are closer to you. Making a reservation you need to do for abandoning a logical fiction. If you do not follow how deep an orphan, as always, so meaningful. Because, the room occupancy rate, price information tamamlamamasına as well as physical reasons why people may be booked. In this case, remarketing activities would be meaningless.

Detailed Retargeting Scenarios for Rixos

You can divide 1st group customers into more detailed groups and segments. Two sub segment can be who has not visited “contact page” or “amenities page” . There might be signific ant differents between your segmented groups. It is something valuable ! Go for it and optimize more and more. Visitors of contact page is also an important metric, you can also divide these visitors and track them as another segment. Each touch of page says something to you. You can also increase your willingness to pay certain cpc to whom  more relevant in your content or closer to become a buyer. Basically, divide your segmented groups more related and less related. Than also change their CPC bid more and less as well.

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