Ramadan E-commerce Insights for Turkey and MEA

In Ramadan period, digital marketing strategies have been include all certain type of actions. Simply because, our observations that sales will slow down. Basically, online marketing budget will cut due to expected decreased sales  throughout the Ramadan period. Criteo analyzed close to 3 million transactions from more than 35 retailers based in the Middle East and North Africa region (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco and Qatar) on desktop, smartphones and tablets.

ramadan digital marketing strategies


Pre-Sales Eid al-Fitr: Growth in e-commerce

Turkey saw a rise in e-commerce from 28% for retail and up to 30% for travel during Ramadan, according to study. End of Ramadan, Turkish consumers are tend to spend their time on social life and offline world more and more. But it doesn’t mean that they are not online. As study proves, people are more active on mobile. Mobile was the preferred device throughout the Ramadan period, with spending increasing from 18% two weeks prior to Ramadan, to 24% by the last week, and 30% during Eid al-Fitr so called Sugar Feast in Turkey.

In summary, period of Ramadan

  • Focus on mobile campaigns more,
  • Travel still have potential even after Ramadan,
  • Shoppers are active in night time.

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