Changes After Not Provided, New SEO Rules

On purpose, I would like to post an important issueat the end of the year 2013: “increase in not provided terms”  how people complains on. In literature, it is called “secure search”. The game of SEO is totally changed. New SEO period comes with different rules. We will point out these changes and how you can adapt yourself into in. But before that, let’s try what happen in recent years:

  • Google started SSL encryption in 2011 (May,2010 Beta test made in USA) thus, Google signed-in search terms were blocked due to privacy concern.
  • More than 2 years of working progress, Google spread out its privacy concern issue for all the users no matter they are signed in or not. Search became “secure” in late 2013.
  • Before all these, all keyword terms can be seen and share with 3rd parties. SEO activities are relatively easy.

What’s Secure Search ?

People were mad at Google’s decision. Especially, SEO professionals were. Main speculations were, Google tries to increase its income by AdWords, they will charge from keywords report or Google Analytics Premium provide accurate search term queries. Moreover, it was a hot topic that SEO professional will not be longer and they will shift to PPC channels which triggers competition as well as costs rise up. However, Google was not alone on secure search. Internet Explorer, Firefox 14+ and Safari (mobile) also mask referral data from search engines and keep “privacy” of a user.

In my point of view, secure search brings better search experiences for all of us. Better SERPs, less manipulation (black hat activities). SEO professionals was working on keyword term based, now on they focus on content term.

What Did We Lost After Not Provided Issue?

  • SEO performance metrics (KPIs) and its calculations
  • Keyword group segmentation such as Brand / Non Brand, Long Tail Performance, Generic
  • Determination of new potential keywords and expansion of them.
What's Not provided

With the recent speed rate of not provided, there will be no keyword terms data on date of 5th January from Google Organic. You can also take a look

New SEO Age, 2014 Strategies

Rationally, there are many ways to establish your new style of SEO doing, probably you can think of some of them.

  • Landing Page based, keyword and breadcrumb analysis.

For Example

Product Name: HTC One S 16 GB

Here is the Hepsiburada’s product page link:

ProductDetails, is the product page of Hepsiburada. If you able to segment product detail page of your site, it basically allows you to better segmentation of SEO activies. Let’s see how you can do that.

With the source Organic Search, visitors landed to product details page. If you segment such visitors, you simply can understand that visitors probably typed product based search terms. Instinctively, product page based visitors who comes with Google probably typed search queries related with product such HTC One price, buy HTC One etc.. But also, I would like to under line that these keywords may include brand terms such as hepsiburada HTC one price. You have to be careful due to Brand KeyWords and Generic keywords can be mixed such segmentations. But still, product terms were made with high probability no matter includes your brand name as well.

  • Page Title is also helpful metric to take into consider. Head Term is great way to filter out like using Title names as terms.

Free SEO tools to help your new strategies

  • Webmaster Tools –
  • Google Trends – To Determine new and potential keyword analysis
  • Google AdWords Planner – How high-low competition exist between keyword terms
  • Google AdWords – KeyWords report (data of impression and clicks)
  • Other Search Engines – Yandex and Bing are still provide search queries.

You can also read Chris Crum and Ben Goodsell‘s posts.

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