Medyanet RTB Technology

Medyanet RTB Technology

Medyanet launched its RTB Technology recently. Criteo is the one triggered a more competitive market than it does before. The company is opening Istanbul office in 2014 we will talk more mobile ,” he re-targeting models of marketing channels and personalized weight RTB is growing steadily.

The external drive that would like to have.

Hepsiburada is the one that we all love ! Simpy because It is easy, simple and offers always great price ! A new external drive highly needed recently. I was looking Toshiba’s related product. In addition, checked out Western Digital’s product than left the website (without login and adding cart anything). Here is the banner that Medyanet shows me right after Hurriyet (Publisher of Medyanet)

medyanet retargeting banner ornek

After that, I was surfing at and medyanet shows me 4TB external drive that  I never visit that product page. Recommendation tool thinks that I will be interested to in.
Radikal medyanet retargeting rtb reklamlar

My first attention was that you can not click on hepsiburada logo on banners. Next to banner logo it is written Tasinabilir&DI which shows mistakenly made code. Also, it is not clickable as well. Banner template is gray whereas product image has white backround. It shows a bit not satisfied style. But anyway, I believe that Medyanet will make better and better each day.

destination url:

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