Iran E-commerce Overview

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With a population of 80 million, Iran has by far the highest total number of Internet users in the Middle East. Almost half of the population, has an internet connection whilst 22% of Iranians understand Turkish language. “The Iranian e-commerce sector still lags roughly 25 years behind that of the United States”. With using more than 30+ source, here is my research on Iran e-commerce.

Here is my research:

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Dentsu Aegis Network MENA chief executive Michael Nederlof said he forecast a “bright future” for the Iranian market. Q1 next year: “You will see more and more international brands coming to Iran. It is increasing by the day.”

Online Payment Systems in Iran

International payment methods are not available in Iran including Visa – Mastercard. According to E-Commerce Monitor’s (ECM) report, country has debit card penetration rate 92%. Shetab is a local alternative infrastructure that will be an electronic clearance system for the entire Iranian banking operations that allows it to facilitate transactions from debit cards, ATMs (POS) terminals. The company is not only available in Iran but also Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. Paymentwall (San Francisco-based payment systems) integrated w/ Shetab last year what means that global businesses to bring digital content to Iran and process payments there.  A Turkish company iyzico PECCO also integrated w/ Shetab to unlock Iran’s e-commerce system, with the USA and EU to remove barriers that have prevented from reaching the area.

  • Shoppers made 3% of their purchases on the web,
  • Online Payment Annual Growth of 25%,
  • 231 million active cards operating through the Shetab debit card system.

Iran E-commerce Sites


Digikala is the most popular Internet-based store as well as one of the most successful venture. The company has 85% of Iran e-commerce market that is estimated to be worth $ 300 million. Digikal is mainly have electronics products and its Alexa ranking 4th.

Bamilo, a marketplace (like eBay), the second largest e-commerce site in Iran. It is high likely that you can find a few Turkish brands somewhere in homepage or main carousel. Alexa ranking # 24. MTN Group made a significant investment to website recently. Unlike Digikala, Bamilo differs itself with competitive prices all the time. It is also free to advertise your products via Bamila – due to limited

bamilo-iran-ecommerce, Esam is an another Iran’s version of eBay. Unlike Bamilo C2C (consumer to consumer) allows to perform the services which users can exchange with each other via the online platform. Due to Iran, bidding via Esau, still free to sell the product. Alexa rank of 113., The largest fashion e-commerce site in Iran. Modiseh was founded in 2015. GBG is main investor which is a holding company ( as distributor of automotive brands such as Hyundai, Kia Motors, appareal companies and some other industries including food and beverage. Modiseh’s Alexa ranking in 187th., An another Iranian fashion e-commerce site. It offers free return shipping, has many other features that make online shopping more attractive. In addition to apparel, Shixon has perfume, jewelry and accessories categories too. Turkish brands are widely available (LCWaikiki, Collezione etc) and also global known Inditex brands Zara, Massimo Dutti are available. Alexa ranking: 186th, limited in Iran’s global car brand in the count, Suzuki and Peuguot is one of them. American cars are prohibited. It was dominated by local brands over bid-site immediately. lex rankings in 222.sıra.

Social media

69.3% of Iranian internet users prefer an active VPN connection. Simply because many global social network is either filtered or blocked.



Despite the Twitter sanction in Iran, the world’s most active tweeters are here, thanks to the VPN. In terms of active users, Iran is the 10th in the world.


There no clear data on the number of Facebook users. Janata the Iranian Minister of Culture, said that, “We know that 4-4.5 million active users,”.



It’s a Iranian Facebook which is the country’s biggest social network in the top 10 most visited sites. Daily 13 million unique visitors to the site with the greatest impact on the success of censorship. known as the Iranian Youtube, is a  video-sharing platform with has 14 million visitors per month. Also, it is the largest publisher of  Iran which allows you to create a profile and to place ads.


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