In-House Affiliate Program – Own Affiliate Network

Affiliate is a fairly new phenomenon for Turkey already that improves so rapidly. There are also new models occuring such as hosting your own affiliate network in house. has just started to provide such service for publishers. Before discussing the details of the Trendyol&Modagram’s own affiliate program, I would like to point out pros and cons of both in-house and out-house affiliate network.

Out-House Affiliate Network vs In-House Affiliate Network

First question that comes to mind is that “Why we need to set up own affiliate network?” or “Why we didn’t set up yet?”.  Here is the reasons:

The advantages of In-House Affiliate 

  • Transparency.  Due to lack of the Turkish market, there are some companies that can try to manipulates the data. In order to avoid such negatives activies, both you and your publisher may benefit from in-house affiliate program of yours.
  • Cost advantage. Easy to set-up and low cost hosting in it.  There is a great flexibility in terms of commision rates with different publishers.
  • SEO Friendly. You can shape your backlink, targeted keywords via user interface which can affect your SEO activity positively.

Out-House Affiliate 

  • Time Saving. To outsource mutual agreements, finding new publishers, fraud check can save your time. You won’t need any other extra staff to deal with them.
  • Reachable. There might be some publishers that would not like work with you due to your company size or low brand image. In addition, your technology may not meet with the requirements of the publishers all time. In order to avoid such additional works.

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