Importance of App Deeplinking

Deeplink is a specific page that can be reachable by WWW protocol and also index-able piece of content. You might think as “sub-pages” of the homepage.

For instance:



Alright, what does it mean for app platform?

Deep Link to Your Mobile App

One of the main distinction between app and mobile platform is protocol that they based on. Web has WWW but mobile applications totally has different approach even between iOS and Android. To illustrate this, you have to tap the screen in order to reach specific screen of app however you can basically enter specific URL in web protocol to reach same page. In short, a simple request for web side is kinda complex issue for app technology.

Simply, you can’t go deep in app technology unless you do “deeplinking”. Now, you will be faced with “open relevant screen for user” instead of home screen of the app

Well structured App deeplink for Ads

“Relevancy” is a key factor for a cost efficient ad campaign. In app technology, to provide relevant content is possible only using deeplink. By using deeplinking, user won’t spend time on unnecessary screen and quickly reach right content.

You can’t risk a user to find right content manually no matter you have a content or commercial oriented app.

You may using paid channels or not, when user click on search engine results it is highly crucial that they can reach product page or most relevant page that they see in the results.

whats app deeplink

Court Rulings

You may wonder court perspective on deeplinking from others. In 1996, “Shetland case” is known as the first case in history related with deeplink. I strongly believe that whole internet business was affect by the precedent. Simply because, the judgement changed perception of internet and give us freedom.

The Shetland Times, used a hyperlink that people can reach deeplink of The Shetland News. According to judge’s decision, in spite of bypassing the homepage, readers can directly land to a specific page of another. But it’s also crucial event for the growing success of the Internet. Think about this: Google ? How can such a company would be established. Moreover, can you even think such business if the court decision was contrary. Thanks to god (judge), information exchange perceived as an major criteria for industry growth and whole business shaped in this direction.

Note that, similar case also claimed against Google  in terms of copyright violation in terms of pictures and all other informations that Google indexed. But, Google never records any photographic record on its servers. Or think about billions deeplinks it has. For sure acquitted !