Google Dublin Office


6 days sunbathing in Dublin, Ireland. it really sounds weird If you already heard the irish weather. I was lucky to have that weather Was saying myself on the roof of Google. One of the biggest tech company had brilliant office in the heart of Dublin, lets discover inside.

Where’s Google ireland located?

Here is the full address of Google Headquarter.

Google Ireland Ltd.
Gordon House
Barrow Street
Dublin 4
Google purchased Dublin’s tallest commercial office building. Here is the headquarter of Europe and the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).There are more than 60 Turkish Googlers.

Google Office CafeGoogle Gasworks

Skylounge is the most memorable theme of Google Gasworks building. The design of this floor is bit different than any others. More white and more casual than other concepts.Google Game Room

Google Grand Canal

Google Cafeteria

Delicious and free lunch at Google Office.

Google Library  Floor

Google Office Library Floor

One of the building of Google is in the Grand Canal Plaza -Accenture is an another occupiers-. It is also known as Engineers’ Building. Simply because it is full with engineers. I can tell you that before    as well, it was so silent than any other buildings of Google Dublin. Almost each floor has its theme such music, library.

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