Google Analytics Social Sources

Now, Google Analytics is Social Sources available for most accounts. It will be full reachable by everyone, next days.  I would like to share my first experiences with Social Sources data with you.

Google’s Dream: Social Media

Recent years, Google much more focused on social media more than before. Even, Google Search Engine algorithm can be shaped accordingly thus emphasizes on social networks more. Google+ is an another project of Google which obviously shows how tend to be the part of social media as Google INC. In the post, we will analyze its new feature on web analytics called Social Sources.

Via Social Sources, you track some parameters mentioned belowed:.

  • Whihc social media channel is a major source for you. How quality is that channel?
  • How’s page flow and users’ behaviours of social sources.
  • Which social media channels are highly share your posts and empahasis on your content?
  • Compare & contrast between social sources and other channels.

Google Analytics Social Source

Google Analytics Social Sources

Data is not real time for now. It delays approx 48 hours. You can easily track many popular social networks due to brilliant tagging of Google Analytics. In my point of view, it is the best tagging segments in Google Analytics that ever seen. For instance, Twitter’s both servers ( & are tagged correctly. Thus, you do not need to tag or segment again. You can also track “assisted conversions” parameter for social sources as you can do for paid search channel before. Thus, social media specialists feel lot free as a result of this feature. Assisted conversion will make it easier the channel performance report for sure.

There are some icons near the social networks. It is “black hub”. It refers Data Hub Activities*. For example: Blogger has one (see picture). Google has an agreement with some networks such as Google+, Digg or Badoo. You can track more and more details on these web site. Interaction parameters can be tracked such as +1, share a picture or comment.

Under the social tab; Overview, Sources, Pages, Conversion, Social Plugins and Social Visitors Flow included. In a nutshell, conversions generated by social sources can be tracked more easily. With social visitors flow, you can see a user’s behaviour in detail, how he flows between pages. Landing page, 1st page and second page for interaction is also trackable now. Pages, shows that most entrance, most viewed or least viewed pages by visitors from social sources, We will be discussing on Google Analytics Social Sources more often from now.

*Social Data Hub full list.b

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