Online Marketing Budget Allocation Plan

Digital Marketing Budget Allocation

First of all, It is important to underline that many different industries has various types of needs. Today, I will make general assumptions with accepting dynamic behavior of the different markets.

So, How to make budget allocation for online marketing ?

It is always the best way to start up with past data. Make sure all the interactions between multi-channels analyzed with considering different modelling perceptions. Last touch based modellings can lead to misinterpretation of data.

For the startup e-commerce company:

%35 retargeting (including FBX, AdWords, Criteo etc)

%40 Google Adwords

%15 CRM (FB custom audiences, emailing)

%10 GDN, Display Media Buying, Youtube, FB Ads

Unless there is a huge marketing budget behind your start-up, it should be more rational to keep ROI metrics more high at the beginning. Thus, sustainable structure will provide you better numbers in future. However, if your start-up has expansion strategy rather than strict ROI target. Branding oriented campaigns will get the most.

Online Marketing Challenges

Here is the great infographic by responsys that shows a reasearch about how marketers are planning on spending their budgest in 2013.

Online Marketing Budget Allocation Behaviours

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