E-mail Signature for SEO

Is automatically added email signatures that linked your website, how valuable for SEO? In email signatures, we commonly use some details such as name and surname, job title, company name and phone number.

Gorkem Unel Email SignOn left hand side, you can clearly see my email signature that already in use. I can add a link to NANO’s logo which refers to www.nanodrm.com. Each email that sent by me, will include this hyperlink. It means my website address will be sharing online world. It really plays a crucial role with the perspective of SEO.

It may be conclude as:

  • Increase in response rate. Let me explain like that: Being away from someone with a single click, or let someone type your website address to browser tab. There is a significant difference between, thus please give your website address link, as much easier them to visit. Let it leave web address’ link in your email signature..
  • You obviously will attract your site, it will affects your traffic in a positive way. It is an another way to create traffic source for your web site. Although it not as strong as an effect of social media but e-mail traffic is also valuable in a way of people sharing stuff.
  • Your brand name or business look more trustworthy and solid. Because, you actually give a message that “COME AND VISIT MY WEBSITE, WE TRUST OURSELVES AND ALL PRODUCTS WE HAD, SERVICE WE PROVIDING bla bla” , but you are giving this message in a polite way with your email sign.

Recently, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter pages, began to enter into the e-mail signatures. Some of the companies still do not cool with social media stuff – which are still conservative on it. Linkedin accounts could be useful, it seems more “professional”, “official” whatever you called, you can put it email signature. This way, you may have some networks with professionals easily, because sometimes people are hesitating to add each other in social networks. You can encourage them, if you share your account information. Only thing you have to consider is the strategy. What’s your expectations a person you will contact with? If you decide on it, you can design your email signature as you wish. Please be aware to having an email signature shown below.

Email Signature Example

Email Signature for SEO

Unnecessary Details for Email Signature


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