What’s Dmexco ?

DMEXCO Conference

DMEXCO is amazing and one of the biggest digital marketing event in Europe. Major Most visitors comes from EU countries, but also US visitors were also high enough. With the full name, Digital Marketing Expositon & Conference will be 10th Р11th September 2014 in Cologne, Germany for 2 days again.

Companies in DMEXCODmexco Nedir

One side; Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Yandex has¬†magnificent booths with the crowded people. Other side, German local companies has humble ones. Recently, RTB and Personal Retargeting are the popular topics of the industry. There were great number of companies in DMEXCO with related field such as Criteo, Sociomantic, Ligatus. There are various type of companies and can not write it down all names. But, you can easily understand. Simply because, from career finder site Xing to, Chinese search engine Baidu, Russia’s Yandex or local SEO company Manhattan Agency. Even small local scale companies were located.

DMEXCO has an app for both iOS and Android. Which company is located which hall, number of it, when is the your favorite seminar stars so on forth.

DMEXCO Tickets and Registration

You can apply next DMEXCO event by the link below and it is free:



German friends are looking with highly motivated eyes for the night. They are waiting night event which is huge thing for DMEXCO! It is common idea that DMEXCO is a kind of party event for many others. Recent years, people made hard parties. Seriously! This year, party was made in Arena stadium due to volume of the visitors.

In conclusion, DMEXCO is amazing event in terms of learning and fun. There are 2 days and you have to make it efficient as much as you can do. Thus, there is an obvious trade-off and it is really have fun to do networking, drinking etc. Cologne also offers exciting opportunities. I strongly suggest you to make your trip longer than event period, thus you will be able to spend more time to other activities while getting more information from the event.

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