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Criteo Türkiye Hakkında The Right Product, To the Right User at the Right Time! Last year, the company generated a turnover of 6.5 billion dollars, customers came to Turkey for the future, the recent rumors grew. Look at the top 10 search terms at the top of the block and Criteo Criteo What is Turkey. My name was supposed to write about the subject to pass. Be noted that before you begin, Criteo’s Turkey team is already in Munich and serves customers in Turkey, Turkish. When Turkey office will be established to explain it at the moment would be magazinsel. The important thing, Turkey is very close to the customers, the company raised a further period, Turkey will be the inevitable.

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What’s Criteo?

With more than 4,000 customers with smart algorithm retargeting product. In July, the ADX Tracking by acquiring all of the following platfromlarda customer, joined the ranks of companies capable of targeting.

Criteo’s Performance Optimization Platform

CPOP short name of the interface with the optimization 24/7 interface with change. Criteo is one of those rare companies that allows you to change the CPC. Customer segmentation using the following groups:

  • Abondoners cart
  • Customers
  • Shoppers
  • Active Soppers
  • window Shoppers
  • Special algorithm (Algorithm Customized) and be able to take different strategies based CRM strategics.

Via Customized Algorithm, you can apply your company tactics, CRM strategies into your account. For instance, you would like to prioritize your overstock, private label products, high margin products etc. In such circumstances, it would be beneficial to re-design with custom parameters.

Criteo arayuz cpop interface

One of the important service given by Criteo for turkish online industry is, “local publishers”. Company made one to one agreements. These are well-known publishers such as Medyanet, Blip, Netbook Media. Criteo Retargeting ads and premium areas. Criteo also generates the different solutions for advertising agencies, you can learn more about Turkey Team.

Criteo Munich Office

I had a chance to visit their office this summer. There are some pictures of Criteo Munich office below. Eastern team has great mixed people from different countries including Turkey, Russia, Poland. I’m glad to Kubra for taking me care of. Elevators of Criteo were just an another amazing thing in many others.

Criteo Almanya Ofisi
Criteo’s building greets you with the old German architecture and vintage design.

Criteo Munich Ofisi
Criteo Eastern Team 

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