Criteo Global Summit 2015

Criteo, – the US and the UK’s largest display retargeting player – received the award of great place to work in a survey hold in Germany and France last April. Let’s try to understand how a French company become thought leader in its industry.

You will have new comer orientation sessions however you can’t have an identity of Criteo until went for a global summit.


all EXPLORER!!! in AD galaxy!!! 2015 #Criteo summit

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Criteo Employees ‘The Criteos’

One out of every three people, either software developer or work on algorithm related tasks in company. Many Criteos can speak at least three different languages. You can observe how it affects social life of company. You may call as corporate culture or corporate identity…Whatever it is… Criteo is one of the rarest company that people connect each other rapidly and share know-how from top to the bottom level.

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Plenary session

Center Parcs, is reserved for next two days just for Criteos. Company will celebrate its big birthday party in this huge are with heated-water pools surrounded by water slides, pond, bikes, bowling halls, seminar rooms and nicely decorated lodges… First day, all employees are to be expected to socialize in beach party. It sounds cool huh ? Well, it is even better to be in it, believe me ! It is a great opportunity meet with rest of the Criteos that we are communicating via email all day long. Moreover, there have been more than 1.500 Criteos with different cultural backgrounds


Right before the beach party, made a bike tour to explore around by myself.


#criteosummit2015 many nations within one state under one big success, it is #criteo ! #france #paris


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Akşam saatlerinde kumsalda oldukça şık bir parti başladı. Servis, yemek ve organizasyon mükemmel.

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After tremendous party at beach, Criteos woke up early in the morning for Plenary session with high motivation. It was interesting… Nobody can tell all these people made a crazy party day before. Session was started 9.30am. Two funny speaker came on the stage with theatrical smoke and fog. People were laughing and it seems an entertainment rather than training session. Well, I actually don’t know what to expect but definitely not like what I see . Probably, 10 minutes later, I realized that these are the founders that makes everyone laugh early in the morning. But, I can bet on that you never tell at first sight. They were all covered with funny costumes. In short, humble, highly tolerated and entertaining C-level people made their speech. A summary of the past year, the plan for next year were main headlines. Now, all of us know from A to Z including financial situation of the company (even cash flow of Criteo). We were so proud of to launch new office in Istanbul and spread this culture in Turkish online
marketing industry.

Real life #criteo #byocriteo #paris #criteosummit2015

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Online Marketing Employee Motivation

According to rumours, company spent few Million Euros for its birthday. No ! For Criteos. It was a clear message of Criteo to its team members. You are not a pixel of our company, we emphasize and invest in you. It is not a simple motivation celebration. The whole service was an upscale and high class. You can even pay your own expense for making it again. In spite of all these crazy things, goals are serious and we have to keep support our fast-growing process. I hope this spiritual behaviours will spread all around.

Peace !

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