California Pizza Kitchen Project

One of the best course at UCLA is “Marketing Principles and Practices” in this semester. The course is given by Mark Stern in UCLA Extension. Each students are divided into groups for tremendous experience for preparing marketing project of CPK.

California Style Pizza

CPK is very innovative restaurant who invented “Original BBQ Chicken Pizza”. The chain is located most of the west states of U.S with 230 branches. They are way more being “Californian” and expanded 11 countries -mostly Asia-. Hopefully, Turkey will be their attention in short run…You gonna love it ! It is pretty much Midpoint, Kitchennette, P.F Changs concept in Turkey.

CPK Head Office, where you want to be …

Here is the good news. “Being an employee, working for someone” is actually became better and enjoyable as it is not before. All of us get used to experience great design offices, snack bars, happy hours, streetwear in workplace but this time it is way different. A restaurant chain made an awesome design and offers all these entertain stuff in its head office. I got a hope for future will be better if a food industry provides such opportunities to his employees, more crazy days will be there soon. Seriously, it shows how CPK emphasize its team, because “working for company” and “be part of a team” is totally different things. These guys made a difference already !


California Pizza Kitchen CPK Project California Pizza Kitchen CPK Los Angeles

California Pizza Kitchen CPK  Head OfficeCalifornia Pizza Kitchen CPK Main Office

California Pizza Kitchen CPK Headquarter California Pizza Kitchen CPK Headoffice

California Pizza Kitchen CPK Gorkem UNEL

Office PR

Google is one of the best example of how you can use your creative, high-tech, young friendly office as a free marketing tool. Apart from great products of Google, many fresh graduate would like to work in Google simply because their office and facilities are just good to be in it. After our office tour ends, CPK has a great surpise for us ! They call each of us name and give customized gifts 🙂

“California Pizza Kitchen” office is definitely true place after graduation !

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