Adphorus: Made in Istanbul with love !

“Made in Istanbul with love” appears at the bottom side of Adphorus. They are the first PMD badged approved company. It is user friendly, easy to use and cool interface design.

What’s Facebook PMD?

PMD is by definition “Preferred Marketing Developer Program” which includes hundreds tech companies in its platform. It is aimed that increase the efficiency of Facebook products usage by advertisers.The progress of PMD is quite difficult. You should have sustainable IT infrastructure as well as highly adoptive software in order to keep your badge. I respect them.

What is Adphorus?

Facebook Advertising Optimization and Social CRM technology enables product. Previously such a product I have not used very roughly as follows: We can tell more than one campaign to open, facilitating targeting duplicate (similar to campaign) process and minimizes the most important campaign creation, optimization (CPC & CTR) process to benefit a solution.

Publik, although established in 2011, is growing quite fast … At the beginning, social media is the only service of the company, now they are big team up to 40 employee with its search marketing team and brand-new product Adphorus. The project Adphorus is leading by Volkan Çağsal who is also co-founder of the company.

Features of Adphorus

Adphorus Mobile App
Mobile Support

With its simple user interface, mobile app lets you take critical actions such as run/pause a campaign, increase/decrease the budget. It is limited but helps a lot with critical situations.

Employee Tracking (Logs)

It is not just meaningful for in-house activities but also agencies and 3rd parties will be better off with employee logs. For instance, an account executive would like to add his brands to Adphorus and start to create campaigns. Management level can easily track active campaigns, spending amount of one’s activities.

Adphorus Employee Report

Simple Multiple Campaign Creation

As you see below,

As you can see below, while creating multiple campaigns, rather than creating a separate male and female ones, It  automatically duplicates gender-targeted campaigns on a single screen, as you would like to check the box.  Furthermore, You can create more than one target groups. Similarly, you can separate the age and interest groups. All of us know one thing clearly that we are not creating certain groups often or not motivated to test all the different target groups. It is simply because,  it also means too many workload as well as time consuming process. Adphorus makes your life easier in terms of creating multiple and duplicated campaigns.adphorus targeting

Social CRM – Social Attribution Modelling

social attribution adphorus

Social CRM – an important and also big topic to be discussed – is another service of the tool. Many others still deals with establishing attribution modelling whereas Adphorus put this a step forward and and brings social attribution functionality. It basically gives the data of most valuable customers with real-time and the relationship between other customers and also Facebook paid ads.

One of the important aspect of CRM strategies is Facebook Custom Audiences. It doesn’t let you use your customer list but also provides a relation with valuable data such as purchase, cart abondeners etc.. Moreover, you can create more accurate Facebook Lookalike campaigns with using these.

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